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Professional support

BitBay Market is a fast and secure professional $Bay platform which will allow for totally decentralized markets to exist, allowing people to trade in a better, safer and much fairer way.

Fast deposits and withdrawals

Make a deposit to your BitBay account using wire bank transfer, credit card. We also offer wide rage of withdrawal options and express transfers

Secure transactions

By using two-factor authentication you don't have to worry that someone can steal your login information or password.

Control over operations

Adjust the level of control to your needs. Monitor your operations and activity on the platform thanks to the advanced options of notifications and confirmations.

Tools for trading

At our platform you have access to the complete list of issued offers. Keep pace with $Bay exchange rate changes using professional charts, our mobile site or mobile applications.

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Smart Contracts

A smart contract is simply any agreement which can execute part of its functions itself. It represent a next step in the progression of blockchains from a financial transaction protocol to an all-purpose utility.

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Advanced Security

Every account uses two keys, rendering your account unhackable, especially if two locations are used. Give each key a different password. Security on a whole new level.

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Double Deposit Escrow

We built this for client and requires no moderator or help of any kind from an outside source. The buyer and the seller deposit an agreed upon amount of collateral into the client’s escrow.

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Pay to Email

Sending Bay is easy! Send to anyone even if they don’t have Bay wallet! Be part of the tipping craze and send your friends a small tip. You can even password protect your payment.

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The biggest problem with digital currencies for ordinary people has been the extreme volatility in price. We have solved that by pegging Bay to US $. It will be implemented later this year.

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